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Elevate Your Impact

AEP provides a new standard to goaltending training. Goalies come in all shapes and sizes, and tailoring to an individual's learning curve is the core of our teaching philosophy. The training provided from AEP will optimize the necessary skills needed to be a great goaltender, starting with the technical and mental aspects of the position. See if you have what it takes to fulfill your potential.


Our Approach

As the hardest position in sports there is ‘no one size fits all’ approach to stopping the puck. The position of goaltending is ever-changing and dynamic. That doesn't even include the countless different personalities and individual skillsets that take on the position. Goalies at all age and skill levels deserve the highest level of training that compliments their specific skill set. At AdvancEdge Performance, we work with the goaltenders to raise and then maximize their potential as a goaltender based on their own learning curve.