David Heflin

In 2021, owner and founder David Heflin began his entrepreneurial career by starting AdvancEdge Performance (AEP). He mission was to strive as the standard for goaltending training. He believes goalies come in all shapes and sizes and what might be one goaltenders asset may be another’s liability and vice versa. Understanding that goaltending and personal skill and development is a dynamic concept is no easy task. AEP strives to establish a standard in goaltending training that ad hears to both which will result in maximizing each individual’s potential.

The inception of David’s coaching experience does not start with AEP. David first got the taste of teaching the position as a volunteer coach as teenager in the Chicago Area. By the time he turned 16, he had earned the right to call himself a staff member. As his playing career during those years advanced, so did his ability to teach toughest position in all sport. David would go on to coach with Midwest Goalie Academy for the next 8 years. In addition to those 8 years of experience he would also spend 2 years coaching goalies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area with
Prohybrid Training.

To go with his teaching and coaching experience, he feels fortunate to play competitively for as long as he did. As a youth goaltender he spent his playing days with the Highland Park Falcons and Team Illinois. He played at various levels in the junior circuit ranging from Junior B to Tier II Junior A. During his college years, he played in the NCAA and the ACHA. and would eventually go on to graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Following his playing career and graduation from UIUC in 2018, David worked as a commercial electricity and natural gas broker and then as an analyst at a multi-national corporate bank.

Currently David resides in his hometown Mundelein, IL and acts as the goalie coach for the Chicago Cougars (Jr. A Tier III) and Carmel HS. He then partners with other organizations to provide training to goalies in Chicago area for various organizations including the Vernon Hills Ice Dogs.